AU Meme: Burn

Frat boy Ed: You see Ed at a party and you’re reluctant to talk to him because he has a bad reputation. insipired by {x}

"Ok what about him?" My friend, Cassie, said, desperately trying to get me to talk to a guy-any guy here.

"Ew no. This party’s lame and I have to study can we just go" I whined. I felt out of place, which was partly due to the fact that my friend dressed me like a high class prostitute.

"NO! Please this is my first college party just pick a guy please. Oh, what about him?"

"Ed? No. No! Absolutely not!" I looked at her like she was insane.

"Why? He’s been staring at you"

"Whatever. Ed he- he has every girl wrapped around his finger when really he’s just a regular frat boy. He parties, he drinks, he smokes, and he screws-"

She laughed, “Oh a bad boy huh? Sounds like your type”

"No one says ‘bad boy’ anymore…and he is not my-"

"Look he’s going outside alone. Ugh, just go over there. Have some fun!" She called to me as she pushed me out the door.

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